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The imprimerie Coopérative des Sucs (ICS) based at Yssingeaux ( France 43), meets a challenge which is worth being applauded. The first SCOP in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes was born in August, 2016, resumed by 16 employees of the Phil Print company, then in judicial liquidation. Today, the company accounts 20 people.
We met Jean-Marc Marzona, his manager, who endowed the printing office of UC Platform to improve the quality of its printed matters.

A very positive assessment : he explains the benefits of UC Platform which, besides the the colorimetry optimization, had a very positive economic and ecological impact on his production.

Why was the colorimetry part of your priorities when you take over the printing office?

“We quickly noticed that we have to progress on the question of the color. We thought about several solutions, and the certification PSO was an interesting alternative. The stumbling block was however the lack of follow-up from day to day up to the following certification: we needed a solution to be accompanied, alerted to the everyday life to be in a real process of continuous improvement.

We thus chosed UC Platform which was presented to us as we were looking for a solution: today, we can print, shape, fetch customers since we are are totally cleared of the colorimetries’quality problems ; and if we have a question, we call the color experts, and then, everything is very quickly rectified : that ‘s great.”

What about quality et economic earnings ?

Concerning quality production, we have got very positive returns of our customers. We are always constant on the inking: even on a work taken back 3 months later, the result is identical thanks to the fact that everything is automated.

We observe besides enormous earnings on the paper pass, because we do not anymore waste time finding the good inking : less waste paper, thus a faster production. I did not take time to measure the return on investment in a calculated way but it is visible, just because it’s strongly felt. Thanks to the total automation, I also appreciate to have a return of all our editions via the platform, which gives me statistics onto the whole production: it is really good !

Furthermore, we have an environmental approach at every level and the implementation of UC Platform also participates in it, by avoiding material wastes.

And the support ?

Being accompanied from day to day is extremely precious: we are warned of a possible drift even before it is visible in the naked eye. The deployment was very simple, our teams fast adhered to the process. In tieir view, it is a working comfort because they have no more problems of curves permanently: it is much easier.

Pre presse : Sandrine et Réda

«  We won in fluidity, serenity and control of our flow until the final depiction; the conformity of our tests stemming from well calibrated equipment brings us comfort and insurance on a daily basis.

We were a little bit suspicious at first because we had bad experiences with others colorimetry softwares. But from now, we are seduced by the simplicity and the speed of the tool, even in case of large data volumetry when our customers send us heavy files. The most important for us is the favorable return of our customers: everybody is happy! Then yes, we really recommend the platform. »

Please, have a look on our video :

Driver offset machine : Cyrille

« The platform is such a big help: the color level is incredible: texts are so clear, points are very fine. Before using the platform,it was either too pale, or too excessive.

Our customers just can’t believe it, they do not expect that we can take out this quality level with regard to before. Concerning the whole production, we really save time : in less than 50 sheets, we are able to print. And then, it does not move later at the level inking, it is stable. Before it was always necessary to play with the writing desk, now it is just constent thanks to a special curve realized with UC Platform. We clearly improved , that’s great ! »

L'imprimerie des sucs« The platform is now part of our everyday life . Once you enjoyed it, I’m afraid you are addicted ! »

Jean-Marc Marzonna

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