Hélio Corbeil chooses UC Platform to maintain its colorimetric quality by automating processes

Helio Corbeil
Hélio Corbeil printing office benefits from a historic past which raises in 1979, when the former Crété printing office, established since 1822, adopts the name of Hélio Corbeil because of its specialization in heliogravure. In 2012, the company is taken over by its 80 employees and is now a Cooperative and Participative Company. The turn over is around €14.4M€, and its specialisazation is printing of magazines. At summer 2018 , the compan, is equipped with new equipments which allow it to aim at the retailing market.

By automating, we aim at an optimal quality and at the reduction of the ecological footprint

Bruno Arasa, Helio CorbeilChoosing UC Platform for Bruno Arasa, Hélio Corbeil CEO‘s is , ” a will to maintain the quality of our colorimetric approach to stay in compliance with the last standards defined by the ECI (EDITOR’S NOTE: European Color Initiative). We are thus on the look out for solutions which allow us to automate our processes since they participate in qualitative improvements on the printing.”
Bruno Arasa ads : « The heliogravure, as many more sectors of printing labour, is submitted to a strong economic pressure. We aim at an optimal quality for our customers, and UC Platform allows us to win still in performance. Another significant point,is to watch our ecological footprint since we are certified Imprim’ Vert and PEFC. UC Platform allows to optimize our consumptions, and contributes, actually, to stay in a logic of reduction of waste materials coming from our final production

UC Platform, a security of quality and colorimetric stability

According to Jacques Felici, the Quality Manager, the plateforme is a guarantee of stability of the quality :

During the tests, we noticed that the solution allows to monitor in real time our production to automate possible re-calibrations which can be very heavy. Colors remain stable over time, it is very precious for us who use a big variety of paper bases demanding different treatments.


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