A subsidiary of LVMH Group uses UC Platform to reduce the number of « Make ready for printing » of its printings packaging and PLV

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The Head of Graphic Communications for the set of the lines of prestigious subsidiary set up UC Platform for one of its references. She kindly agreed to testify on her choice.

What was the context for the search of a Color Management tool within your communications office ?

« It was a conjunction of circumstances! I had worked previously during almost 15 years within a group where the methods were very industrial. I had wish to leverage my experience and to bring a thorough approach in my new functions. Universel Couleurs had already assisted the LVMH group for trainings and management consulting regarding Color Management and I was seduced by the quality of their trainings. »

What was your objective when you and your management then decided to set up UC Platform ?

« It was actually a dual objective. First, there was the financial dimension, that is to reduce the number of round trips at our printers. Second, there was the quality objective of our brand, so that the printing of our products PLV and packaging remain close to perfection regarding their color consistency, whatever the supports. »

How was the solution implemented ?

« The Universal Colors team conducted on site audits at some of our suppliers facilities. Thanks to the software solution, we then had extremely fine colorimetric analysis on machines. The selected suppliers have also played their part to improve their regulations upstream. »

What are the benefits for brandowners like you ?

« Our position as a luxury brand requires a constant attention to the quality. The Graphic Communications office is in permanent relation with the Marketing office, the photoengravers, the printers: our common goal is to deliver a standard and consistent match for colors, with the best depiction, and without waste of time, and thus optimizing our budgets. »

« UC Platform allowed us to identify problems on the machines of some of our suppliers before printing and not during the process of printing, so that we can achieve our target to reduce the costs related to the back and forward approvals. »

« UC Platform for the brandowners, is the guarantee to anticipate problems inherent to the impression, a thorough approach in our exchanges with the suppliers, and a time saving, thus money saving. » Véronique Maillard

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