Marc Robert builds on the quality and the development of its productivity with UC Platform for Graph 2000

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Graph 2000 is an industrial group specialized in printing. It includes 4 locations (Bernay, Argentan, Cosne on the Loire, Levallois-Perret), diversified around technology of digital, offset and screen printing. It is also endowed with an equipment of shaping and with finish integrated.

With a team of 85 people, the company provides the solutions to measure for the communication printed with a great flexibility and responsiveness.
Interview with Marc Robert, a strong, human and pragmatic business leader

The market is complex: what is your strategy to meet this challenge ?

“ Indeed, the context requires an excellence we are looking for every day. We are particularly committed to quality. Our customer also have luxury brands. For many years, we have invested to set up a quality system allowing a continuous improvement around the standards 9001. From 2010, we crossed the certification PSO around the standards ISO 12647. We also invested in sustainable development and ecology, by the labels ” Green Imprim'” and certifications such as “PEFC” and “FSC” .
The strategy we are pursuing is to continukeep on developing quality while maximizing productivity. »

How to deepen and automate this quality monitoring ?

« To meet this challenge, we have sought solutions to help teams to follow closely and continuously the quality criteria. Indeed, leverage resources by hiring specialists is impossible in our economy. Our teams need tools to automate the monitoring of variation factors in our production process.
General software solutions called “quality management” available on the market nevertheless lack of correspondence with the trades and technicalities of printing. »

Why the choice of UC Platform ?

« The solution we were looking for had to help our teams, and not being a headache for them. Universal Colours suggested us making a 3 days try. We quickly understood the benefits of the proposed solution, both in quality and productivity. Our teams have all adopted from suite. Furthermore, the expertise ground of Universal Colors brings a real added value. »

« The solution is very innovative by its concept and its technicality : we were impressed. »

What are the 4 benefits that you can see today ?

1. Automation :
« Our production tools are directly connected to a data base business , which centralizes information : the collection is automated and frees time to the teams and brings some rigor. »

2.Indicators of real time piloting :
« The solution analyzes the data and delivers indicators of piloting to the teams in production .A real-time alert system can react immediately if a flag is out of tolerance. All steps are optimized: the file, CTP, presses with the spectral values, fattening, grey balance, ink, fountain solutions: it is simple and very complete. »

3. Monthly reports: a tool for continuous improvement :
« A monthly analysis allows to cross data and and to set up plans of continuous improvement. It is also an innovation from the viewpoint of quality procedures. Rather than having binders with sheets, the system integrates interactive check lists that production teams can rely. »

4. A collaborative tool :
« The system allows all of our teams to have a workspace shared by all. Each has a personalized view of the key points of quality. This promotes the collaboration of various links in our production chain. »

Which return on investment? Is it already measurable ?

«The solution is immediately accretive earnings it generates. We significantly diminish our setup time machine and the “pass” paper. The productivity of the printing plant increased by 10%. This gain value is essential to meet the economic challenges of our market. Moreover, we reduce our waste production and we are improving the ecological footprint. These gains also participate in our active and proactive policy in favor of sustainable development. »

And for your customers ?

« The passage of PSO certification was, as I said, an important step to deliver the best quality to our customers. Thanks to UC Platform, we can also ensure continuous compliance with the rules set by the ISO standards process graphics. This enhances the attractiveness of our offer. »

« The solution is immediately profitable by the gains it generates. »

says Marc Robert

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