Axiom Graphic takes control of the quality of all its graphic chain thanks to UC Platform

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Axiom Graphic is a printing office traditional labour borned 31 years ago. For 3 years, it has been developing an ascent of its value chain to pass of a platform of production to a person receiving benefits of solutions of innovative communications. Axiom-Graphic proposes a completerange of services from ” the idea to delivery » : a acreation and digital agency, a studio Premedia, the offset printing HUV and the digital technology, the shaping and a department of marketing logistics integrating of the routing.

This SME of 48 people realizes more than €9 millions a year .

Interview of Dominique Settbon, CEO for 4 years: return on the implementation of a rigorous and methodological approach, in the service of the quality, which allowed to optimize its production.

You have been introducing new methods for 4 years…Can you explain us why ?

“We decided, with my partners, to set up a more industrial approach, with more rigorous and modernity, as well in the workshop as for the whole flow management, in particular of the color flow. Upstream of the print, we have got an important media studio in which we realize around 70 % of execution and have to offer a capital gain by proposing an irreproachable service around the color.
The year which followed the repurchase, we undertook an approach of normalization around the standard PSO 12647-2 and we quickly noticed we had to centralize the information and to normalize the color. Besides, we have recently invested in a new HUV press ,last generation: in order to be used at its most capacities, with the best possible efficiency, the color flow must be mastered entirety. Besides, we made a standard for our customers to print in weft 200 and 300, which requires a good colorimetric stability on all flows.”

What was the decisive factor for searching a color management tool ?

We were looking for a tool which required few human interventions and manipulations.
I ‘ve been in touch for a long time with Universal Colors thanks to its color’s expertise and my past at Kodak. After a mission of color management to integrate the standards ISO 12647, Universal Colors presented us the solution UC which convinced us.

What about profits with UC Platform ?

UC Platform, « our quality Mister »
UC Platform allows us to follow all the variants points and to be precise and reactive with quality gains on everyday life: then, it reduces managerial aspect of a resource which could be dedicated to a CSR department. It is precious in the organization of a SME as ours. Indeed, the platform is autonomous: once it es parametrized and fed with data and with information, the management of the returns of the color is automated.

UC Platform, a reassuring solution :

We win in serenity, as well for users than for management. UC is perfectly integrated between the environments meadow and production thanks to its automation: more serenity thanks to the anticipation of the final results in the printing.

Who are the winners ?

About ten people benefit everyday of the platform: 4 people in the CTP are involved in the measures according to a frequency which was beforehand defined. The person in charge of the studio is also concerned because of the injections of parameters and data, broadcast then to the drivers machines.
Finally, our studio meadow media is less requested, thanks to the completely satisfactory stability of colors, on the proof before printing.

UC Platform, the solution to reduce the striking plate of paper

Before subscribing, we ‘ve made preliminary studies “in situation” : The very relevant and encouraging earnings urged us to subscribe us. We already notice economic earnings on the paper pass which was significantly able to be reduced.
De facto, our times of wedgings are decreased, and it is important on a machine which can stall in 7, 8 min to being able to go to this sense.

UC Platform, a green solution

UC Platform participates in our environmental approach by a reduction of the paper striking plate, a reduction in the ink consumption and an optimization of times machines. The consumptions around the production are optimized.
For our customers, our vigilance on the ecological footprint is important, it is an interesting commercial and marketing asset which comes to become integrated into our strategy of Go to market.

UC Platform, just « plug&play »

As the solution is available cloud, the implementation was very easy and fast. The first tests were launched the week after we subscribed, with a very fast training. We use it everyday with a lot of pleasure.

Would you recommand UC Platform … ?

Absolutly ! No hesitation !We really appreciate their support. We feel the need to be “taken by the hand”, to be accompanied. This aspect was part of our decision to subscribe to the platform: we nedd a follow-up in the time which is essential. Finally, the remote management proposed by the experts of Universal Colors is very interesting, what allows us to be involved less on a daily basis.

« UC Platform allowed to keep hand on the quality of the productions meadow media and press, to win in costs on our wedgings and paper consumptions, and so to join the current concept of reduction of the ecological footprint. »

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