There is only one luxury,
which is human relations.

( A. de Saint Exupéry – Terre des hommes)

This sentence constantly present in our work, directs and motivates our everyday life.
We try hard, by the wealth of our team, to give the best of ourself.


Co-founder – Sales


Color expert


Color expert


Communication & Marketing


Since 2001, Universal Colors supports more than 450 projects in France and in Europe, thanks to its expertise around Color Management.
We so master most of the technologies of printing : offset, heliogravure, flexography, screen printing, and digital printing.
From creation to print, our competence is transverse addressing as well the packaging, that commercial printing or press.
Our colors experts master every standard ISO 12647, 15930, 2846, colorimetry, spectral measure, fattening (Dot gain), densitometry, quadri separation, multichromie, weft, and UCR/GCR.
Universal Colors is certified as an UGRA expert : we accompanied, as such, numerous companies towards PSO certifications.
Our team also masters the techniques of quality monitoring manufacturer, of metrology and project management.
Universal Colors is recognized as Research Center by the Ministry of Education, of Higher Education and Research.

Since 2010, we modelled our expertise by developing the UC Platform software . The innovation of the management automated by the quality for the packaging and the printing registers us directly in the industry 4.0. We decrease significantly the ecological footprint, thanks to a strong reduction of the striking plate subject and increase the productivity by optimizing the time of regulation machine.

Our aim : Assisting you with your commercial projects in order to satisfy your clients and help you to get a ROI as fast as possible

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